Best Spy Equipment & Devices - Covert Surveillance Equipment

Here you will find products such as hidden spy cameras, audio & cell phone spy equipment, tracking & listening devices and more...

Do you need to do surveillance and collect evidence?

Do you want to see and hear what they do?

Do you need to find out who is spying on you?

Get all the facts and evidence you need with a wide variety of covert surveillance equipment.

This includes some of the following:

  • Audio spy equipment- These include listening devices such as a shotgun microphone, which can pick up and record sounds of up to 300 feet (91.4m) away. It is used by security personnel and other professionals.

    Another interesting voice recording device is the voice activated USB recorder that you can put into your pocket and just walk around with it, recording conversations in the vicinity.

    It can also be used by journalists to record interviews.

  • Hidden cameras - There are quite a few of those. An interesting one is the adapter that has a pinhole lens. Place it anywhere and no one will notice your secret recording. Use it for your home or business.

    Another popular hidden camera is the teddy bear camera that you can use anywhere in your home.

  • CMOS miniature cameras - If flexibility is a problem, then you can use a in line power adapter camera.

    Place it anywhere you like and let the motion activated function record clear images for you.

  • Mini spy cameras - Their is no doubt... spy equipment like this is extremely small and are the ultimate devices for covert surveillance operations. The screw camera for instance, is designed to be worn on the body and will allow for discreet recording.

  • Nightview nightvision monocular - View objects in total darkness.

  • Electronic bug detectors - Who is watching your private moments or listening to your private conversations? Fight back with detectors that will identify hidden cameras as well as audio devices.

  • Parabolic listening device - The bionic ear comes with headphones and will pick up distant sounds up to 100 yards away.

  • GPS Tracking devices - Choose between real time or passive devices for cars and trucks. Also available is the Itrial device that has a magnetic case that you can quickly place underneath a vehicle or inside a backpack.

  • Digital voice recorders - Use the covert pen voice recorder for secret audio recording, dictations, etc. Other recorders connect to your telephone or cell phone.

  • Software

  • Key loggers - Use spy software to track and record everything that is happening on your PC. Track keystrokes, websites visited, etc. There will be no indication that this software is running since it runs invisibly in the background.

  • Cell phone spy equipment - Try out the free software trial and use it for personal and business mobile phones to track and record everything they do.

  • Voice changer software - Change your voice in real time. Mimic famous actors, change your voice from male to female and visa versa. Experience the fun of hearing your own voice being changed to sound like a robot, mosquito, etc.

This site provides information, reviews and online places where you can buy spy gear and covert surveillance equipment, 24 hours a day.

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Surveillance equipment is used by a variety of people like government agencies, spouses, private investigators, businesses and other people needing critical information and evidence.

If you are concerned that someone might be spying on you, then bug detectors and anti spyware will detect and identify those bugs that others are using.

Don't let someone else spy on you.

Are you allowed to use spy devices and what should you do?

Some items have legal uses, others not ...but ultimately it's up to you to determine what are applicable to your country or state. If you buy items like let's say a home security camera, you won't have any problems, except of course if you use it illegally.

Listening devices, on the other hand, are a bit more complicated, since there are all sorts of tough laws against eavesdropping. Therefore, you need to be absolutely sure about the laws in your country or state.

Most sites that sell spying devices will shift the responsibility to the buyer and basically tell you that it's up to you to make a decision on whether it's legal or not.

Certain devices are only sold to law enforcement and government agencies, but most spy equipment is generally available to the public.

If you need to do surveillance, there's lots of gear available and the spy equipment guide will provide more information.

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