Detect Hidden Cameras & Audio! - Electronic Bug Detectors

Electronic bug detectors

Audio and video camera detectors can be used to detect hidden cameras and audio devices.

Is your privacy secure?

There are so many ways that your privacy could be compromised's just unbelievable.

People use all sorts of devices to spy on others and these include things like hidden cameras, phone taps, spy software, room bugs and other devices.

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Nobody likes to have their privacy invaded, but if you have a look at the wide range of spy equipment that's available today.... and being sold, it could be very easy for someone else to invade your privacy.

Electronic bug detection devices will alert you to the presence of hidden cameras and other audio bugs. If you know what you are looking for, you could do a search for these bugs yourself, but some devices are so cleverly hidden; that it will be almost impossible to detect without some type of specialized detector.

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Some types of bug scanners:

Spy Hawk® Maxi-Tech Pocket Defender Personal Bug Sweep Detector

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If you are want to do a professional sweep, then this unit is the ultimate device for detecting any type of video and audio bug. It's relatively cheap and incredibly popular due to its thorough scan.

The Pocket Defender is very easy to learn and use and will detect all major types of surveillance equipment and other spying devices.

Bug detectors like these won't let you down and will boost your credibility with all your clients as well as protect you if you are being bugged.

This is the one bug detecting device you can't be without.

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Spy finder bug scanner

Video camera detectors like these are fantastic!

If a wireless camera is off, it can't be detected by a normal bug detector (no rf signal).

Since this device is optical, it makes no difference whether the video camera is turned on or off. It can also detect hard wired or wireless cameras because it's looking for the lens and not the signal.

There's no way to hide a lens from this device... even if it's sitting behind smoked glass. These type of video camera detectors can easily detect hidden cameras.

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The use of electronic bug detectors devices or video camera detectors is an excellent way to protect your privacy.