Cell Phone Interceptor & Cellular Telephone Scanner FAQ’s

Cellular interceptor and telephone scanner

1. Is it legal to use the AU 508 interceptor or AU 908 in my country?

It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine whether the usage of interceptor devices are legal or not in their country. The advice is to make sure that you will be allowed to use it in your country before you buy.

2. What are the intercepting ranges?

AU 908 interceptor: 10miles (Through buildings)

AU 508 cellular telephone scanner: 5 miles (Through buildings)

3. Is there a way to determine whether the other telephone you want to listen to falls in the 800/900 MHZ range?

The only way is to check with the service provider.

4. Can the AU 508 interceptor or AU 908 intercept text messages?

No, but you can use this software that will also intercept live calls.

5. Can I hear both sides of the conversation and will I be able to listen to specific numbers?

Yes. For the AU 908 interceptor, just key in the number you would like to listen to. You can program up to 20 numbers you would like to listen to and the interceptor will also do random scanning if you wish.

The AU 508 cellular telephone scanner will only do random scanning (You can only listen to one conversation at a time). You cannot program in a specific number and you have no control over what number you want to listen to with the AU 908 scanner.

That’s the main reason why it’s so much cheaper than the X-interceptor. One of the draw backs of the AU 508 scanner is that you must also know when the target is using the telephone.

6. What does the following mean on the AU 508 Interceptor page?

“Cell site specific monitoring mode setting available”

It just means that the interceptor can be set to monitor only one specific cell site (if needed) in the case that you know that the cell phone you would like to intercept is in that cell site.

Picture cell sites like a bee hive. Picture you in one cell and there are cells around you. You can have it monitor the cell you are in or any cell around you (if you specify).

7. Where can I order the AU 908 interceptor or the AU 508 telephone scanner and what are the prices?

Lean more here about prices and other info. Just select the amount of items you want to order and click on the order button. Follow the shopping cart instructions. You can easily order by credit card. Prices include tax but not shipping costs.

8. Where would the AU 508 interceptor or AU 908 scanner be shipped from and what are the shipping costs and delivery times?

The items are shipped from Thailand. Orders are generally shipped via Air Parcel, Air Mail, DHL, UPS or FEDERAL EXPRESS to any country in the world. Delivery is guaranteed. To ensure your privacy, all products are renamed and shipped in plain boxes.

Instruction manuals for the AU 908 interceptor and AU 508 scanner are sent two days later in case it’s opened by unauthorized persons.

Delivery times: If the item is in stock, it usually takes 5-14 days to deliver.

Shipping charges: Learn more…

DROP SHIPMENT: We will ship to a third party after we have received full payment.

12. Regarding the AU 508 interceptor, is there a beep or a warning alarm when a call is coming through?

No. The display will say Page Sig. You may also turn the unit on to speaker phone mode which will alarm you when it intercepts a call. You will actually hear the voice of the person who is on the telephone.

13. Can I record the calls?

Yes, but you will have to buy a separate unit for that and both interceptor units can be connected to any recording device if you wish. Try a digital voice recorder if you are interested in a recording device as well.

14. Does the AU 908 cellular interceptor or the AU 508 cellular telephone scanner work on digital cell phones or with the GSM network?

No. The interceptors will only work with 800/900 MHz phones which means analog (AMPS) mode.

Dual mode phones can be switched from digital to analog. And when digital mode is not available or the digital network is down, telephones will automatically switch from digital to analog.

The units will not handle GSM, TDMA and CDMA technology or ranges such as the 1850 to 1910MHz band and the 1930 to 1990MHz band because those are used for digital telephones.

AU 908 interceptor

15. Do you have an interceptor that will intercept digital or GSM signals?

Maybe. Those interceptors are extremely expensive ($320 000 – $400 000+) and there are all sorts of tuff laws associated with it. Please contact the supplier (scroll down to bottom of page for email link).

Also have a look here and here.

16. Will the AU 908 interceptor or AU 508 cellular telephone scanner work in my country?

It depends. If your country uses analog (AMPS) technology in the 800/900 MHz range, the interceptors will work, otherwise not. The AU 508 will also work with cordless telephones.

17. Is there a guarantee and can I trust you with my credit card?

Yes. Find out more about the guarantee… It’s difficult to trust anyone on the net, but this company has been in business for quite a few years (Since 1996). A good part of their success has been due to referrals from satisfied customers.

15. Could you please send me your latest catalogue?

Learn more here…

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