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Cell Phone Interceptor & Scanners

This page reviews a cell phone interceptor and cellular scanners that are available for intercepting conversations.

First of all, laws pertaining to listening devices such as a cellular phone interceptor and a scanner are very strict in most countries (in fact they are illegal), therefore, you must make sure that you will be allowed to use them in your country.

The two cellular units on this page will only be able to intercept analog cell phones (800/900 MHz).

It will not be able to intercept or scan digital cell phones or phones that use the GSM network. For more details, please read the FAQ Page.

Cell phone interceptor & scanners that are available:

Cell phone interceptor image

AU 288 cellular phone interceptor

Cellular scanners image

AU 286

Once again, if you plan on using a cell phone interceptor, please make sure that it is legal to do so in your country.

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