Clock Radio Cameras - Hidden Covert Cameras

Clock radio cameras are very popular because it will fit in with the decor of just about any room and doesn't arouse suspicion.

It's an excellent choice for hidden and covert operations and will discreetly record all the evidence you need.

Hidden covert cameras are great for police stings or can be used as nanny cameras to see if the nanny treats your children well.

Can be used to collect evidence of employee theft or misbehavior and has tons of other uses. Record the elderly being mistreated, your housekeeper or record an unfaithful spouse.

The new generation cameras include a receiver that does it all! Get every wireless option in one covert product.

Hidden Clock Radio Cameras

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Hidden covert cameras like this are able to connect to up to four cameras and has an easy remote view with no IP Set-up Required.

It has a wireless transmission up to 700 feet with no interference.

Works like a normal cock radio with all the normal functions.

Install included software and watch video remotely via an easy access weblink.

You could also have a look at video surveillance cameras such as a wall clock surveillance camera, and other covert cameras that include cameras such as air purifiers,rocks, boom boxes, phones, plants, mirrors, lamps, sprinklers, mantle clocks, coffee mugs, smoke detectors, motion detectors, teddy bears, books, screws and more.

If you want to do secret and covert video surveillance without being suspicious, then clock radio cameras are the perfect choice!

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