Color CMOS Miniature Cameras

Miniature CMOS cameras are great for surveillance purposes and have the big advantage of not being easily detected.

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They are extremely small and can easily be hidden in a variety of places.

If you need to do covert surveillance operations, then this type of camera might be what you are looking for.

CMOS is an abbreviation for complementary metal oxide semiconductor and  some of the advantages include operating temperatures between -155 to 125 degrees Celsius (-247 to 257 degrees Fahrenheit) as well as a circuit that is less complex.

Different Types of Small CMOS Cameras:

✅Mini Hidden CMOS Camera

mini cmos camera imageThis camera is very small and can easily be used anywhere. In fact, this camera is so small that you can easily lose it.

Features include high definition images and also include night vision.

This camera is perfect for almost any covert surveillance operation.

This small camera can record photos as well as video and has a wide range of applications.

Now you can investigate your suspicions with ease!

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Wide Angle Small Case Camera

small cmos camera imageThe big advantage of this camera is the price and the good quality images that it can take.

Unfortunately, this camera is not suitable for use at night and cannot be used outdoors since it is not waterproof.

It’s still a great little camera for installing inside your home since it won’t be easily detected.

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Miniature CMOS cameras are a great way to do covert surveillance and due to their small size, they are not easily detected. There are advantages in having visible cameras but there are also advantages in having cameras that are not easily detected.