Color CMOS Miniature Cameras

CMOS miniature cameras

Mini CMOS cameras are great for surveillance purposes and you can choose between wired or wireless options.

They are extremely small and can easily be hidden in a variety of places.

If you need to do covert surveillance operations, then this type of camera might be what you are looking for.

Different types:

Wireless Digital Camera System With CMOS Camera

This camera is very small and can easily be used anywhere.

Features include a transmission distance of 656 feet.

The wirelless technology means that you can hide it almost anywhere without the need for connecting the camera to the receiver.

cmos miniature cameras wireless

This makes this camera perfect for almost any covert surveillance operation.

The big advantage of this camera is that it also has an audio feature that will allow you to record conversations as well.

This mini cam has security features that prevents anyone from tapping into your feed and viewing your recording.

Now you can investigate your suspicions with ease!

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Wireless color miniature cameras

mini cmos cameras image

These CMOS miniature cameras feature a pinhole lens type and uses 1.8Gb of memory per hour.

Now you can perform covert surveillance operations and watch the action live from another computer or your smartphone.

Therefore, you can watch the images from any place you choose.

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