Digital Surveillance Camera – Infrared Surveillance Camera

When it comes to choosing a digital surveillance camera or spy cameras, there are a lot of choices available.

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Depending on your needs, you may choose a camera that is clearly visible for all to see or you may choose a camera that is hidden and will not easily be detected.

Both types have their advantages.

A visible digital video surveillance camera will act as a deterrent and a hidden surveillance system will secretly capture all activities and provide you with the evidence you need.

You can also choose between battery powered and normal systems.

The main advantages of a digital video surveillance camera include:

– Real time viewing that you can watch on your TV, smartphone or tablet if you wish.

– Better image quality

– Better storage facilities

Infrared Digital Surveillance Camera

✅8-Channel Video Security DVR Surveillance Camera Kit

infrared surveillance camera imageThis security system can notify you by email or send push notifications when motion is detected.

It can connect to your smartphone or tablet and has night vision capabilities of up to 20m (65 feet).

Watch live or recorded footage. Monitor entrances or place it anywhere where you like.

This infrared digital surveillance camera has motion activated capabilities.

The system has eight bullet camera and other accessories, but unfortunately, you will have to purchase an extra hard drive.

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Mini spy cams – Choose between wired or wireless options and hide the cameras anywhere to secretly record all activities without being discovered. Some are also worn on the body such as video camera glasses.

Motion detection cameras – Save recording space and only record when motion is detected. Discreet portable black box camera that can be placed anywhere.

Outdoor security camera – A complete night vision capable unit that does not require electricity supply and runs on batteries.

Perfect for someone who wants to do it themselves.

Wireless surveillance camera – A do it yourself security camera that uses technology that prevents interference.

If you want to protect your belongings or property, then digital surveillance cameras are one of the best choices you can make.