Dummy Cameras - Dummy Dome Cameras

Dummy cameras

Dummy dome cameras provide a low cost security solution, but you must ensure that you choose the right system.

As a business owner, you know the high cost of theft in your business.

Problem is, video surveillance cameras can be extremely expensive and needs ongoing attention.

Research has shown that criminals don't like to be identified, especially when there is concrete evidence.

A security camera is a real deterrent... therefore, there is the possibility that a fake security camera could potentially prevent a break in or theft of goods.

dummy cameras image

You will breathe a lot easier when you have one of these systems installed.

Whether you have a security system in place or not, a dummy camera is an excellent addition and deterrent and can be used effectively at a fraction of the cost of those super expensive security systems.

To deter an unwanted visitor or a thief, some fake cameras also have a built in flashing red LED light which can be seen from several feet away.

They will not easily be identified as a fake by a would be thief.

Some cameras appear to have infrared capabilities, while with others, a thieve would not know in which direction the camera is pointing.

Fake cameras use a real camera housing and you can effectively use it at your home, business, car parks, car dealerships, factories, etc.

These dome cameras provide cheap security at a reasonable price.

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