Employment Background Checks

Employment background checks are an important way to find out if they really are who they say they are.

If you think that it might be a waste of time and money, think again.

The legal systems in more and more states and countries are cracking down on employers.

What this means is that when someone gets hurt at work by another employee or an employee hurts a customer while on the job, the courts are now asking the employers "Did you run background checks before hiring?"

They consider this reasonable and they are coming after the companies for big money to pay the lawsuits.

Therefore, companies are investigating candidates before they hire.

What types of background checks are frequently requested?

  • Social security number trace
  • State and county criminal records search
  • Credit reports
  • Prior work history and education verification
  • Reference checks
  • Prior worker's compensation claims
  • Driving records search
  • Other checks that you can request:
  • Nanny, physician, tenant and date checks
  • Death record, divorce and vehicle searches

For a nominal fee, you could request a background check from various companies available on the internet.

If you are an employee, make sure that your history or future actions do not interfere with your chances of getting a new job.

Employment background checks could save you a lot of time, money and trouble and is definitely a worthwhile investment in your company's future.