Fake Surveillance Camera: Cheap Dummy Security Cameras

A fake surveillance camera is an excellent way to deter thieves at a fraction of the cost of normal surveillance systems.

Cheap dummy security cameras however, should be chosen with care, as some of them are easily recognizable as fakes.

The placement and type of camera should be considered carefully, because there are different types for indoor and outdoor use.

Some dummy cameras are suitable for outdoor use only, but there are also other cameras available, such as dome types for indoor use.

fake surveillance-camera image

These cameras install quickly and easily to the ceiling or wall using the included screws.

There is no need to run complicated wires to the viewing monitor and some cameras even have a cable to add to the realism.

Some type of dummy security cameras have motion detector sensors which actually make it appear to work and could also have motorized movement to add to the deception.

Why choose a fake security camera?

Dummy security cameras look very real and there is no need to store video images.

It is better to have a fake camera installed than nothing at all. An intruder might think twice before entering or stealing merchandise.

A fake security camera has low maintenance.

Installation of dummy security cameras is relatively easy.

Although a fake surveillance camera is a cheap alternative to a real one, you should also consider using it in conjunction with other security measures.

Dummy security cameras could easily save you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year by preventing theft, since it will act as a deterrent.

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