Fiber Optic Scope: Flexible Fiber Optic Viewing Scopes

A fiber optic scope has the ability to see around a bend and capture images of hard to reach places.

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Any small opening is enough to slide it through and will allow you to see and capture images with clarity,  depending on the light conditions of course.

Viewing scopes like these make use of the reflective properties of light…. sort of having a mirror to reflect light around a corner.

Imagine having two or more mirrors reflecting light in this way and you can clearly see why it is possible to project an image, even if the scope is curved.

Fiber Optic Scope Uses

Covert surveillance operations:

For use by private investigators and law enforcement officers. Slide the viewer scope underneath a door and see what is going on behind closed doors.

During rescue operations in restricted spaces:

Use fiber optic viewing scopes to determine the exact location of the child or animal to ensure safe recovery.

Basically, fiber inspection scopes can be used in any place that is hard to reach and not easily seen with the naked eye… like car engines, small pipes etc.

Recommended Fiber Optic Viewer Scopes

✅2 in 1 Semi-rigid Bore Scope Inspection Camera

Fiber optic viewing scopes like these can connect via USB to quite a few devices such as cellular phones, tablets, laptops or your PC.

This 5 meter (16.4 feet) cable fits into the smallest of spaces such as air conditioners, washing machines, small crevices and more.

Heck, you can even dip this scope into water since it is waterproof.

Also, the cable is semi rigid, therefore you can insert it in an upward position into a faucet and still bend it around a corner.

It’s is a neat little tool for all those hard to reach spaces.

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If you are looking for a fiber optic scope to help you with your daily tasks, then look no further.