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Fiber Optic inspection Scope: Flexible Fiber Optic Viewing Scopes with Camera

A fiber optic inspection scope has the ability to see around a bend and capture images of hard to reach places.

Any small opening is enough to slide it through and will allow you to see and capture images with clarity, depending on the light conditions of course.

Viewing scopes like these make use of the reflective properties of light.... sort of having a mirror to reflect light around a corner.

Imagine having two or more mirrors reflecting light in this way and you can clearly see why it is possible to project an image, even if the fiber optic inspection scope is curved.

Some uses of a fiber optic inspection scope:

Fiber optic inspection scope image

Fiber optic viewer scope with camera

The camera is contained in a cylinder with a diameter of .42”, with 420 lines of resolution. (Length = 42 inches)


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Fiber optic viewing scopes image

Normal viewer scope

Fiber optic viewing scopes like these have different lengths and if you want to record the action, you can also use a special camcorder adapter that will connect to your camcorder.

A fiber optic scope is a neat little tool for all those hard to reach spaces.

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