GPS Car Tracking Devices | Portable Vehicle Tracking Systems

The are a lot of GPS car tracking devices available on the market, but choosing the right one at the right price can be difficult.

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Portable vehicle tracking systems can be used to pinpoint the exact location of your car and monitor vehicle usage.

GPS devices normally consist of a receiver unit and a software package, which gives you the flexibility to monitor other variables as well, and not just the location of your car.

GPS units can either be passive or real time.

Passive tracking units will record all the necessary data, which is then available for download to your computer at a later stage.

Depending on the type of system you choose, downloads can either be done automatically through wireless transfers, or manually trough a cable.

Real time tracking devices will record all the action live so that you can pinpoint the car’s location at this very moment.

Benefits: GPS Car Tracking Devices

– Determine the location of your teenagers or spouse, so you’ll never again have to wonder where they are.

– Portable vehicle tracking systems can also be used to monitor the speed of a vehicle… to ensure that gas consumption is reduced and also to reduce speed fines.

– GPS systems might lower your premiums with insurance companies.

– Used by law enforcement agencies to undertake covert operations.

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– Car tracking devices can be used by business or parents to monitor vehicles. The latest technology that fits into the palm of your hands.

✅Portable Vehicle Tracking Systems: Personal and Real Time

gps car trackerThis GPS car tracking device can be used to both monitor your children’s location as well as the location of your vehicle.

It is incredibly easy to use and you can watch all the action in real time on your chosen device such as a laptop or cellular phone by logging in to a tracking website.

If you need to track a vehicle, just put it in a weatherproof magnetic case and attach it to the underside of a vehicle.

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Are you allowed to use car tracking devices?

It is illegal to install vehicle tracking systems on another vehicle without the owner’s permission.