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Hidden Camera Detectors

Is your privacy secure? Do you require a professional or personal system to detect hidden cams?

When you visit public places, how can you be sure that you are not being watched by a hidden camera?

Do you have a hidden cam in your home?

Covert cameras are sold on a daily basis and there are quite a few web sites selling these cameras.

Ask yourself... What are those people using it for?

To detect crime or to watch you?

Save yourself some embarrassment and make sure that you are not being watched by a hidden camera.

Personal detectors such as the Spy Finder will find hidden cameras, even if there's no signal from the spy cam.

Electronic detectors rely on a signal from the spy camera in order to detect them, so you can't always be sure that you've done a good job in detecting them.

If you find a camera, at least you will be alerted and can take some steps to remove the cam or even catch the person who has hidden it.

For professionals, have a look at the CD Pro.

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Hidden Camera Detectors: Pro Extreme Wireless Camera Hunter Detector

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The Pro Extreme can detect and display hidden wireless cameras on the most common used frequencies.

It is has a range of up to 500 feet (152.4 m) and will scan the available frequencies in less than 5 seconds.

For use by professionals such as private investigators, personal use and more.

This anti spy device is very popular.

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