Hidden Safes: Home Diversion Safes

Hidden safes are a reliable way to store your valuables and has a very low risk of being detected.

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Home diversion safes are an excellent way to fool thieves and will keep your valuable items hidden from prying eyes and hands.

These safes look and feel so real that they will fool anyone.

The safes are made to look like common everyday household items and some even have removable tops and bottoms. What better way to hide your valuable items in plain open sight and no one will even think about the fact that something valuable might be in there.

Put the odds in your favor and make sure that you keep your belongings safe and hidden.

Some of these safes really use a clever design and look very realistic.

Different Home Diversion Safes:

✅Fake Rock Hidden Safe

home diversion safesPeople normally place their spare house key under a door mat, but this is a very obvious place to look for a key.

If you place your key inside a realistic looking rock, no one will actually think of picking up the rock, except of course if they see you.

It is best to place this “rock” where there are other real rocks available.

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✅Dictionary Steel Book Home Diversion Safe

hidden safeMost of us have a rack of books that is placed somewhere in our homes.

If you hide your valuables inside a book and place it among other books, it is a very safe place to hide it.

Even if someone finds the safe, it won’t be so easy to open it.

A lot of people favor this dictionary safe and it has gotten mostly positive reviews.

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Hidden safes is a clever way to hide valuable material quickly, but it is recommended that large amounts of cash and extremely valuable items be stored in a proper safe.