Hidden Safes: Home Diversion Safes

Hidden safes

Home diversion safes are an excellent way to fool thieves and will keep your valuable items hidden from prying eyes and hands.

These safes look and feel so real that they will fool anyone.

The safes are made to look like common everyday household items and some have removable tops and bottoms. What better way to hide your valuable items in plain open sight and no one will even think about the fact that something valuable might be in there.

Put the odds in your favor and make sure that you keep your belongings safe and hidden.

Very clever!

Different home diversion safes:

hidden safes image

Household safes: Resembles common household items like food, cleaning and other types of cans.

The household can diversion safe is made from an everyday item that naturally goes underneath the sink.

The bottom of the can safe unscrews to reveal your secret hiding spot.

Put what you want to hide inside, screw the bottom back on and place it right under the kitchen sink.

Beer/soda safe: Probably a bit risky, since someone might just get thirsty.

Wall socket safe: Quite interesting and a good choice.

Other hidden safes: These include books, rocks candles and more. Huh? Storing valuables in rocks and candles? That's just crazy!... but it will do the trick.

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