Portable Mini DVR: Handheld Micro DVR for Easy Surveillance

A portable mini DVR such as a handheld micro DVR is an excellent choice for covert surveillance operations by private investigators or law enforcement.

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In the past, a person wearing a camera on their body would either have a transmitter to send the video to another place to view / record or wear a micro 8 mm VCR.

Wireless signals can be intercepted or are subject to interference etc.

A micro VCR is bulky, the recording time is limited and therefore, a mini DVR is probably a better choice.

Mini DVR Uses

For private investigators or police officers: You could hook up a small camera and put it in your vehicle. A portable DVR is self contained and hidden easily.

A handheld DVR is small enough to fit into your pocket so that you can easily hide it.

✅Mini Portable DVR Spy Camera

portable dvrThis portable DVR is capable of recording during the night and the night range is 10 – 15 feet (3.0 – 4.6 m).

This recorder is very small and lightweight so you can easily carry it around anywhere.

Generally, customers are very positive about this DVR camera.

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Angel Eye Pinhole Micro DVR

portable mini dvrThis super powerful compact mini DVR allows play back on a full-sized screen with no loss of quality.

It has a recording capacity of up to 16 hours.

The inclusion of a button camera makes this DVR easier than ever to get right to recording video as soon as you receive it.

No need to hunt for a compatible camera!

The small size of a handheld device really makes it convenient for surveillance operations and is definitely a worthwhile investment.

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A micro DVR is an excellent investment for covert surveillance operations.