Mini Spy Cameras And Mini Spy Cams

Mini spy cameras

This page reviews some mini spy cams that are available.

When you need to do discreet surveillance and capture images and audio, a mini surveillance video camera is an ideal solution as it can easily be hidden and is less likely to get noticed.

A micro surveillance camera is also great for security purposes, as your chances of identifying perpetrators are greatly increased.

You can choose between wired and wireless options and some of them have audio capabilities as well.

The advantage you have with a wireless option is that you don't need to mess with any cables and installation is generally easier.

Different micro surveillance video cams:

mini spy cameras image

Small wireless video camera

A surveillance camera like this has a range of up to 400 feet in open area.

The camera also has audio capabilities and the provided battery clip can be used to attach it to a remote controlled toy, your body, etc.

This color surveillance camera transmits COLOR video back to the TV, LCD, DVR, etc. for monitoring without any wires!

Small surveillance camera uses: Employee cam, back yard cam, child room cam, nanny cam and tons of other uses. Very easy to use.

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Micro video cameras - Wired

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Small surveillance cameras like these are perfect for body worn applications.

Take it anywhere you like and do some discreet surveillance.

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Mini spy cameras make discreet investigation and security a lot easier but should only be used for lawful purposes.