Network Security Audit Software: Infiltrator

Network security audit software

Security auditing programs will allow you to Quickly Scan, Audit and Secure your computer network, saving you hours of long and tedious work.

Are you concerned about hackers, stolen passwords or any of your data falling into the wrong hands?

With so many security risks on computers these days, it is important to be aware of any loopholes that might compromise computer and network security.

Infiltrator is a network security auditing program that will generate a sleek scan report... giving you an overview of your network security as well as those of individual computers. Do it the quick and easy way, achieve results and save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

Network Security Audit Software

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Simulates the way hackers try to invade computer systems and therefore alerts you to system vulnerabilities.

Includes brute force cracking tools.

Scans for open ports on your network.

Gathers information about password policies, installed software, NetBios and SNMP tables, etc.

Network security programs like the Infiltrator will audit and analyze each computer for incorrect registry settings, improper user configurations etc.

The above are just some of the key features and basically Infiltrator is an all in one security auditing program that will give you peace of mind so that you can easily and quickly pinpoint network security problems.

If you're looking for price or more information about this network security audit software, you can have a look by clicking on the link. Free trial download available!