Nightview Nightvision Monocular: Night Time Surveillance Made Easy

Want to see in the dark?

Whether you are in the military, a private investigator, a nature lover or a hunter, a night vision monocular will allow you to see in the dark... so, expect a few surprises here and there.

Now you have the freedom to see everything that is normally hidden at night!

One of the advantages of a monocular is that you can always have one eye focussed on normal background light conditions, while with the other, you can see in total darkness.

Some disadvantages of monocular vision is that there is no depth perception and that your field of view is restricted.

There are many different types of monoculars to suit your individual needs.

Nightview Nightvision Monocular

nightview nightvision monocular image

This monocular is very small and lightweight and can easily be operated and held in just one hand.

It can also be installed on a head mount, can be weapon or helmet mounted and therefore it's completely hands free.

This Monocular utilizes the principle of intensification of the residual light which is reflected from the surrounding objects.

The monocular has a 60 hour battery life and is also waterproof.

Brightness control is automatic and this monocular is also adaptable for use with a camera.