Parabolic Listening Device With Recorder Output Jack

Parabolic microphones

Looking for a parabolic listening device?

How does listening to conversations or noises across a football field sound to you?

If that has caught your attention, then read on.

Listen in on what your children are saying, to other people, listen to the beautiful sounds of nature, whatever you like, but rest assured, you will clearly hear what they are saying; even up to 100 yards away (91.44m).

If you want to catch the sounds of nature, you can do it from a safe distance away without being noticed. Other uses include law enforcement, search and rescue and a whole lot more...

Bionic ear:

bionic ear parabolic microphones image

Equipment like this can amplify faint or distant sounds and also has a booster set.

The device basically works like a satellite dish where all sound signals are concentrated and picked up by the sensitive microphone in the center.

The bionic ear electronic listening device has a battery life of 40 hours which will give you ample time during your surveillance routines. The equipment includes a 12" parabolic dish as well as head phones.

If you want to record any sounds or noise, then I recommend that you purchase a small digital recorder to go with your new parabolic listening device. The 16GB of internal storage allows you to keep up to 46 days of audio at any one time.

It's voice activated and has an input for your new listening device.

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Are you allowed to use a device such as the Bionic ear?

Most countries have strict laws against eavesdropping; therefore it is advised that you research the laws pertaining to your country.

If you are listening to the sounds of nature, I can't see that you will have a problem if you use parabolic listening devices.

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