Pen Voice Recorder: Digital Voice Recording Made Easy

Pen voice recorder

Pen recorders are excellent tools if you want to record conversations discreetly or if you need a small tool to generally record conversations.

You simply slip the pen into your pocket and discreetly record conversations.

No one will notice that it's a secret voice recording device.

Some pen recorders are digital and you simply plug it into your computer's USB port to download the recording.

Secret Agent Pen Voice Recorder

pen voice recorder image

Has recording capacities of up to 33 hours in long play mode.

The rechargeable battery lasts 12 hours when recording and 8 hours of playback..

Also use it for lectures and meetings to make life easier.

Includes: Ball point pen, ear phones, USB cable and instructions.

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Covert Memo "PI Pen"

spy pen voice recorder image

Can also be used as a normal pen to avoid suspicion.

Looks and functions just like any ordinary ballpoint pen and also has a recording capacity of up to 36 hours.

Batteries are rechargeable and can be charged through your USB port.

This voice recorder pen includes the following: USB cable, ear phone, recording controller and manual.

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