Phone Surveillance Equipment: Listen in and Record Telephone Calls

Phone Surveillance Equipment

When you need to monitor telephone conversations, there are quite a few devices available that could assist you.

Some of them include the following:

  • Spy phone recorder
  • Digital phone recorder
  • Cell cell eavesdrop equipment
  • Wire tapping devices.

Different types:

Wire tapping devices

wire tapping devices image

Telephone surveillance equipment like this is very small and fits into any wall socket.

Just use the clips to connect the wires in series and then use your radio or any FM receiver to listen to both sides of the conversation with this telephone wire tap.

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Spy phone

phone surveillance equipment image

Looks and functions like a normal mobile device, but this spy phone has a built in microphone that will enable you to listen to conversations taking place in the vicinity of the phone.

When you need to do some telephone surveillance, this cell eavesdrop device will allow you to dial in and the person carrying the phone will have no idea that you can hear everything that is being said.

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Digital spy equipment image

Digital phone recorder

digital spy equipment image

This telephone surveillance device connects to your telephone or cellular phone.

Since there are no moving parts, it will allow silent and discreet recording.

It is small enough to wear in your pocket and can also be used for covert recordings and dictation purposes.

The date and time stamp feature of digital telephone recorders like these also makes it very convenient and will ensure that you know exactly when your recording took place.

If you need to do some telephone surveillance, this might be the device for you.

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Other phone tapping devices and telephone surveillance equipment:

Cell phone scanners and interceptors - Cell eavesdrop equipment.

Transmitter - Disguised as a common dual modular adapter, it transmits both sides of the conversation.

Spy phone recorder - Records both sides of a conversation and also displays dialed numbers.

Are you allowed to use phone surveillance equipment?

There are some legitimate uses, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure that you use phone surveillance equipment legally.