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Private Investigator Software: Designed By a PI for PI's

Private investigator software

Looking for PI detective software that suits your needs specifically?

The day to day management of your office requires a streamlined and efficient system that will make your life easier... not harder.

While you might be using different software packages for your different needs, some of that software might not have the features that you have been looking for and they are not specifically geared towards detectives.

The detective software that is described on this page does what is required and is even updated with special features to accommodate customer needs. It's very easy to use and will ensure that you run your detective office efficiently.

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PI Detective Software: P.I.M.P

Here's what you will find:

The main menu will be your control center and will allow you to open new cases, search and edit current cases, open invoices, show case numbers and includes a lot of other features such as spreadsheet forms. It also has the ability to keep track of your subcontractors.

The searchable database will allow you to retrieve files by case number, client, etc.
This software package also handles the financial side of your business such as sales tax calculations and also what profits you are making by comparing your invoices.

This private investigator software has printing features that allow you to print invoices on your own letterhead, print mailing labels for your clients, etc.

Lots of finer details such as automatic insertion of important data on invoices.

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