PTZ security Cameras - Wireless IP Camera

PTZ security cameras

Pan, tilt and zoom cameras are a great way to increase security at your store, business or home.

They give you total flexibility to zoom in on objects and some even follow movement.

PTZ cameras do a great job and the latest models are wireless so that you are able to watch all the action from anywhere in the world by using the internet or your smartphone.

Now you have the ability to use one camera to monitor large areas and this means that you'll need less cameras to cover your surveillance needs.

The big advantage is that it gives you total flexibility to follow someone and zoom in closer where needed, especially when there are a lot of traffic.

One disadvantage of a PTZ security camera is that you can only record images from where the camera is focussed, potentially missing an important event.

Professional Quality IP PTZ Camera

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This camera is perfect for locations like retail outlets, corporations, and government buildings.

It allows precision control for panning, tilting and digital zoom.

It also supports night vision up to 33 feet and can monitor up to 36 channels.

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