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Spy Stores

Best online spy stores - Where to buy audio listening devices, spy cameras and more.

Listening Devices

Covert listening devices and audio surveillance spy equipment - Listening and recording equipment.

Parabolic audio device - Bionic ear

Phone surveillance equipment - Digital recorder for use with land lines, mobile phones as well as other devices.

Listen through walls with a wall microphone - Manufactured in Japan. Excellent quality. Place it against a wall and hear conversations. Recording capabilities included.

Voice activated recorder reviews - Incredibly flexible recorder that you can take with you anywhere.

Voice recorder
- Flash drive and pen recorder . Very small and easily hidden.

Pen voice recorder
- Two different types including the secret agent and covert memo pens.

Cell phone recorder
- Featuring the Pro and Bluetooth recorders.

Phone call recorder
- Featuring the Smartphone and call assistant recorders.

Digital telephone recorder - Featuring the Forus telephone recorder.

Spy & Security Cameras

Wireless spy cameras - Guide to spy video cameras - No physical connections required.

Mini spy cameras and mini spy cams
- Ultra small cameras that can be worn on the body or hidden in small spaces.

Cheap security cameras
- Affordable security cameras.

Hidden surveillance cameras
- Cameras inside a variety of objects such as bird houses and more...

Motion detection camera systems - Save battery life and valuable recording space.

CMOS mini cameras
- Features wireless and complete kits.

Best online home security cameras

Clock radio camera
- Modern design featuring a digital clock.

Spy eyewear
- Stylish glasses with built-in cameras.

Fake surveillance camera and dummy security cameras

Outdoor security cameras
- Wired and wireless options as well as a battery powered unit.

Wireless security cameras

Home alarm security systems - Easily install these units yourself.

Infrared surveillance camera - Record activities during day or night time.


Key loggers and instant messenger spy ware - Record all PC activities.

Netvizor network status monitoring software - Monitor all network activities from one location.

Computer surveillance software

Remote keyloggers

Evidence Terminator

Infiltrator network security audit program
- Audit your network for vulnerabilities and take the necessary steps to secure your network.

Voice disguising software - A review of the best voice changer software available today.

Cellular phone spy software
- Spy on any mobile phone.

Spy ware removal
- Detect and remove spy ware.

Key logger detector - Detect and remove key loggers. This software is specifically designed to detect spy software.

Articles - Various articles

Mini spy cams stories

Cheating husband signs of adultery - Find out if he is cheating on you.

How to survive infidelity

Email abuse - Discusses various issues and solutions.

Online privacy - See what is necessary to protect your privacy while you are online.

Crime prevention marina

Spy, Safety & Security

Home diversion safes - Different safes to hide your valuable items.

Surveillance wireless remote video camera

Portable DVR - Complete self contained unit.

Dummy dome cameras - Cheaper than real security cameras or can be used as an extra layer of security.

Barking dog alarm
- Imitates a barking dog. No need to have real dogs. Works with motion sensors. Acts as an effective deterrent.

DVR security systems - Various DVR systems.

Wireless burglar alarm kit - Featuring a kit with a motion detector alarm.

Secret surveillance cameras - Featuring a wall clock camera.

Driveway security alarms - Get alerted immediately when someone enters your property.

PTZ security cameras - Provides increased flexibility in order to focus on specific areas or following a subject.

Ultimate nightvision monocular - See in total darkness.

Personal safety alarms
- Add an extra layer of protection to ensure your safety.

M18 advanced taser

Stun gun flash light - Easy to carry around and provides extra protection.


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Video camera detectors
Infidelity kit
Self defense products
Hidden camera detector
Employment background checks
People locators
Stun gun cell phone
Personal alarm systems
GPS vehicle tracking systems
List of the best spy movies
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