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Sony Nightshot with IR Pass Filter for Infrared X Ray Vision

Sony nightshot

The Sony camera, which comes with an infrared x ray vision ADXIR filter, is a must have when it comes to nighttime surveillance operations or when you need the ability to see through clothes and other objects.

If you already have a Sony camcorder like this, but would like to add an ADXIR filter for x-ray see through capabilities, then there are IR pass filters available (even for models before 1998) that you could just screw on.

No modifications needed.

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The Sony xray cam will even allow x ray vision in strong sunlight by using the IR pass filter.

With a normal video camera, you would need some extra light and even then, it could be a problem as the visibility and recording might still be poor. The nightshot Sony cam has the ability to record in pitch black conditions.

Sony nightshot with infrared xray vision image

Sony nightshot see through (with IR filter for x-ray vision)

This beautiful high tech Sony camcorder comes with all the excellent features that you would normally expect from the latest models today.

No surprises here.

The Sony night shot allows two modes of zooming witch includes a 40x optical and 200x precision digital zooming.

A USB port allows easy integration with your pc and the nightshot Sony camera also includes digital video capture and editing software. The nightshot also has a touch screen LCD and a Super Steady Shot picture stabilization system.

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Are you allowed to use the x-ray effect of the Sony super nightshot system?

Buying and using the Sony nightshot xray cam is not illegal, but be careful that you do not give away or sell indecent recordings, especially when using the IR pass filter.



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