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Spy equipment stores like these sell surveillance and spy supplies.

They sell internationally and they guarantee that all their products will be free of defects in workmanship and material for 90 days.

These type of spy equipment stores specialize in spy products that include the following:

bionic ear image

Parabolic Dish: Listen to faint or distant sounds up to 100 yards (91.44 m) away.

Has a battery life of 40 hours and includes a headphone set.

Infidelity Kit: Get evidence of your cheating spouse and confirm your suspicions.

Digital Voice Recorders: Can be used to record telephone and cellular phone conversations.

Can also be used as a body worn application for covert operations.

Outdoor Security Cameras: These surveillance cameras will act as an effective deterrent and provide you with the evidence you require.

Hidden Spy Cameras: Small spy cameras as well as cameras hidden in every day objects such as a teddy bear, power adapters and more.

Stun Guns: Incapacitate an attacker with an electric shock and protect yourself. Includes cell phone stun guns, flashlight stun guns and more.

Pen Voice Recorders: Fully functional pen. Can be used for covert recording.

Body worn covert spy cameras - Various cameras are available that include glasses, pens, buttons, watches, covert neck tie cameras as well as other spy cameras.

Spy sunglasses: Really cool sunglasses that allow you to record all the action in total secrecy.

They also have various security cameras and other spy equipment.

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