Spy Cop: Find Hidden Spyware And Disable It

Spy cop will find hidden spyware (spy software) and has the largest database to find and disable one of the biggest threats to your computer privacy these days.

Detect spy software and know for sure that someone else is not spying on your computer activities.

Don't become a victim of identity theft or have your banking details stolen.

Do you really need to detect spyware with SpyCop?

Well, it all comes down to how secure you think you are. You probably already have an antivirus program, firewall, adware remover and so on, which is very wise, but they will not find hidden spyware.

Surveillance software is designed not to be detected and will monitor and record everything you do on your computer. Things like capturing your passwords, web sites visited, email, web mail... literally everything you do and also record it like a slide show.

Spy software could be installed remotely if you are on a wireless network, through email (no physical access needed to your computer), runs in total secrecy and everything you do right now can be instantly transmitted silently via email.

Try looking for installed surveillance software on your computer. Don't bother... you're probably going to waste your time as spy software employs sneaky methods to avoid detection.

However, Spy Cop can and will detect spyware.

Thousands of searches are done every month by people looking for surveillance software (and buying it!) and they are using hundreds of different keyword combinations to find it. Some of these programs are even available for free download. Ask yourself... what are they using it for?

Why choose Spycop to detect spyware?

There are other products available that can detect spyware such as spy cop does, but are they capable of finding all types?

It tells you exactly when a computer monitoring program was installed and also allows you to rename the detected files so that you can disable them.

They have spent years building a database of every known surveillance software program available. Every week they are finding new spy products to add to Spycop.

No other scanning package can find anywhere near the number of programs that Spycop can find so far.

Spy cop appears to be a standard Windows utility to most spy programs out there, so the spy won't know that YOU know! Find hidden spyware now!

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