Stun Gun Flashlight - Shock Proof Exterior

Stun gun flashlight

Using a flashlight as a stun gun is a practical way of defending yourself when in danger and they are very effective.

It's small enough to fit in a hand bag or be carried in a holster.

It can easily be used to get you out of dangerous situations or assist you when you want to subdue a criminal.

Stun gun technology is advancing at a rapid pace and voltages keep on going up and up.

It is very difficult to measure voltage and verify it, therefore, newer products are starting to remove their high voltage claims.

Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight 7 Million

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This flashlight will light up the entire area at night and can also temporarily blind someone.

Also serves the dual purpose of delivering a high impact electrical shock.

One of the main features of this flashlight is that it is made of military grade material and it is therefore shock proof to prevent accidental electrocution.

This stun gun focusses heavily on personal safety to ensure that you don't get electrocuted yourself.

Things such as a no slip grip and the fact that the safety switch and stun button are situated on the same side, increases the safety of this device.

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Please note that stun guns are not a toys and should only be used for self defense or to subdue a subject, otherwise you could be criminally prosecuted.