Digital Voice Activated Recorder: Digital Voice Recorder Reviews!

This page reviews a digital voice activated recorder, which is great for recording the truth, for evidence gathering as well as taking notes and transcribing them later.

Do you have a loved one being mistreated by a caretaker?

...or do you need to record someone covertly?

A voice recorder that activates automatically is the perfect solution!

The recorder is small enough to hide almost anywhere and you can also carry it in your pocket.

If you are looking for a voice activated recorder, there is a lot to choose from, but not all of them has the same features.

There are different models that have different recording capacities and different features.

Digital audio recorder uses:

A digital audio recorder is perfect for someone with a cheating spouse, journalists, private investigators or just about anyone needing a decent voice recorder. Is the boss saying things he should not be saying?

Use the recorder during interviews, meetings or as a Dictaphone. These recorders can also be used by doctors doing autopsy reports as it is hands free.

Digital Voice Recorder Reviews

voice activated recorder

SPY Max Voice activated digital recorder

The Spy Max voice recorder has a massive recording capacity of up to 1104 hours.

This means that you can record up to 46 days worth of data, with the battery lasting just over 6 days.

A voice activated digital recorder like this has a built in microphone as well as an external microphone.

What I really like about the external microphone is that it is wireless and has a range of up to 300 feet (91.44m).

Therefore, since the external microphone is much smaller, you can easily hide it anywhere and still record any sounds as long as you are within a range of 300 feet.

Put this voice activated recorder under the seat of a car and then use the external microphone in the crease of the back seat for covert recording.

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Are you allowed to use digital voice activated recorders?

Buying recorders like these are not illegal, but what you use it for could be.

A voice activated digital recorder has a tremendous advantage over conventional tape recorders due to the increased recording times, flexibility and durability of the storage medium/s.