Wall Clock Camera - Secret Surveillance Cameras

A wall clock camera is one of the most discreet covert cameras available when doing surveillance, since it is one household item that no one will suspect of having a camera hidden inside it.

Place it on any wall anywhere and record everything that is happening.

Use it for secret surveillance operations, watch if employees are doing their job, record evidence of theft and use it for lots of other applications.

There are different options to choose from, such as between color and black and white, self-contained units or wireless units as well as digital clocks.

Digital Wall Clock Camera - Color

wall clock camera image

- Realistic looking design with a fully functional clock that utilizes Wi-Fi so that you can view your property from anywhere.

- Complete unit with a 64 GB SD card inside, allowing you to still record footage even if your Wi-Fi is not working.

- Will instantly alert you when motion is detected.

- The system is very easy to set up. More cameras can be added for easy viewing on one application.

- The resolution is 720 x 1280 HD.

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Other clock cameras to try:

Night Vision Clock Camera - Another ultra-discreet camera that can be placed just about anywhere. It's wireless and streams high definition footage to any device of your choosing.

Has a high resolution that delivers crisp clear images day and night, therefore, you will never miss anything.

You can choose from multiple recording modes such as motion activated recording and more.

Use it at your home... to watch your children, nanny, etc... or use it at your business or office.

A wall clock camera is the perfect secret surveillance camera and will provide you with the answers and evidence you need.