Wireless Alarm Home Security Systems - Wireless Home Protection

Wireless alarm home security systems

Wireless home protection systems are perfect for those people who want to do things themselves.

The home alarm system on this page installs easily in less than 30 minutes and has everything needed for proper home protection.

These alarm systems have no monthly monitoring fees and will call you on your phone (up to 5 numbers) when a sensor is triggered in your home.

There are no hidden fees and no contracts.

Mega Motion Home Security System

Systems like these work three ways by having a screaming siren, flashing lights and emergency dialer.

Monitor up to 32 zones in your home with Motion, Door and Window sensors.

This type of alarm system includes a system console, remote control, motion sensors, a lamp module, a security yard sign and more.

An alarm system like this don't require a technician to install it and you don't have to do any new wiring for your home.

Wireless alarm home security systems like these can easily be upgraded if you need to expand your home security zones.

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If you are looking for a home security system that will cover al your needs... without any monthly fees and easy installation, then this is the ideal system for you.