Best Wireless Security Cameras: Reviews 2018 – Outdoor Wireless Cameras – Comparisons & Recommendations

Wireless security cameras are the cameras of choice these days due to the ease of installation as well as the fact that you can view the footage from anywhere.

wireless security cameras
Best Wireless Security Cameras >>>In the image<<< Examples of wireless outdoor surveillance cameras.
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Have a look at our choices for the 3 Best Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras: Consumer Reports Winners

1. Arlo Outdoor Wireless Camera
2. Ring Stick Up Cam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System
3. Smonet Outdoor Wireless Cameras


Amazon also has their selection of the best outdoor surveillance cameras. Have a look at what they are saying.


Check out this amazing selection of outdoor wireless security camera systems.

An outdoor wireless camera will give you the freedom of not having to worry about a physical connection between your PC, TV or recording device.

There is no need to think about where cables should go (except for the power source) and installation requires minimal structural changes.

When there is no power source available, an alternative could be a battery powered unit that is self contained.

Another alternative is to buy a special adapter that will allow you to connect a battery to the camera unit.

The cameras are very easy to install and can be installed anywhere within the wireless range.

Best Wireless Security Cameras: Reviews

 Updated February, 2018 

Choosing the right security camera system can be a bit daunting and it will also depend on what your needs are.

If you require a door camera that will enable you to talk to your visitors, then the ring stick up cam is the camera you need, otherwise you may need 2 or more cameras.

With that being said, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best wireless outdoor security cameras for February, 2018 that has received excellent consumer reports and reviews.

See and compare the top 5 outdoor surveillance cameras in one place. Buying tip: If you can get it for under $245, you should grab it since it is an EXCELLENT price.

Night Vision
Arlo Outdoor Wireless Camera
2 Cameras 720p HD
HD Clarity
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Ring Stick Up Cam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System
1 Camera Two Way Talk (See, Hear & Speak) HD Video
Infrared Night Vision
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Sozi Wireless Security Cameras With DVR
4 Cameras 720P HD 1 TB Hard Drive
100ft (30.5m)
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NextGadget Wireless Security Cameras
1 Camera 720P HD
15ft (4.6m)
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Smonet Outdoor Wireless Cameras
4 Cameras 1080P HD 1TB Hard Drive
65ft (19.8m)
See Price

Here are our current top 3 best wireless security cameras. Consumer reports and reviews were good and well balanced.  Updated February, 2018 

outdoor wireless cameras
Our #1 Choice
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outdoor wireless security camera system
Our #2 Choice
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wireless security cameras with DVR
Our #3 Choice
More Info Here

If you choose anyone of the top 3 units, you can’t go wrong, since most of our readers have bought one of the above three.

When we reviewed these security cameras, we were looking for a good price, best selling status, good quality, no negative reviews (this is almost impossible) and the best possible rating. It is almost impossible to find a product with 100% positive reviews, since no one product is perfect.

If you find a product with a 100% positive review, be careful. It is either a new product or the product has not been tried and tested enough.

✅Arlo Outdoor Wireless Camera

outdoor wireless cameras
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This security camera set is one of the easiest camera sets to install since it uses a “patented” 100% wire free design that mounts with magnets.

We are not exactly 100% sure how you can patent a wire free design.

Nevertheless, it is a wireless system that can easily be installed by yourself.

It uses batteries as a power supply which means that it does not have to be near a power source for installation.

This specific set has received mostly positive reviews with a lot of sales since this is also a best selling security camera.

Includes up to 1 GB cloud storage.

  • Good Price!
  • No monthly fees… Hurrah!
  • Excellent alert system.
  • External power setup not that easy.
  • Night vision distance unknown.
  • No audio???

See more pictures , the price and thousands of consumer reports and reviews here.

✅Ring Stick Up Cam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System

outdoor wireless security camera system
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This outdoor camera is a hugely popular system due to the fact that it has a two way radio.

You are able to speak to your visitor and your visitor is able to speak to you remotely… no matter where you are.

The actual video on the product page shows a burglar trying to enter a property and the owner asks “Can I help you?”.

Of course he was alerted by the motion based sensors that detected movement and an alert was then sent to him.

You should actually see the look on the burglar’s face as he leaves in hurry. Really funny.

If you are willing to fork out some monthly cloud based fees, then this security system could be for you.

  • Fair price!
  • Two way communication.
  • Good battery life at times.
  • Monthly fees.
  • Motion detection system not perfect.
  • Battery life varies.

See here why a lot of people chose this surveillance camera system.

✅ZOSI Wireless Security Cameras With DVR

wireless security cameras with DVR
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The great attraction of this security system is that it is a complete wireless surveillance system.

It comes with a 1 Terabyte DVR hard drive that will allow you to record all the necessary details you require.

Installation of this security system is relatively easy, but you do have to make sure that there is a nearby power source for each camera.

The fact that there are 4 cameras will give you a wider area of coverage.

This will ensure that you cover all or at least most of the important areas of your property.

Remotely view your property from anywhere!

  • Fair price!
  • No monthly fees… Hurrah!
  • Four camera set!
  • Needs power supply.
  • Camera quality poor at times.
  • DVR can freeze. Install latest update.

More pics, info and the price here.

✅NextGadget Wireless Security Cameras

wireless security cameras
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If you are looking for a cheap wireless surveillance camera, then this camera is one of the best for the price.

A nice feature is that live feed can be viewed by more than one user.

If you don’t want to install the camera yourself, someone else will install it for you at an extra charge.

When motion is detected, you will be notified by an alarm message and email so that you can quickly take action when necessary.

This is a single camera and the price per item is a bit higher that expected. Other systems as compared here are a bit cheaper per unit.

Still not a bad camera according to most user reviews.

  • Excellent price!
  • No monthly fees… Great!
  • Good picture quality.
  • Installation not that easy.
  • Instructions poor.
  • Must connect Ethernet cable initially.

Get more images, the price and more info here.

✅Smonet Outdoor Wireless Cameras

outdoor wireless cameras
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This 4 camera set with a 1 TB hard drive is the ideal all in one wireless surveillance system.

The price is a bit higher than expected but we think that the price is still reasonable, since it also includes a standalone DVR.

The 1080P HD quality images make up for the slightly higher price point.

If you don’t want to take the risk with cheaper systems that has lower quality resolution, then this system could be the one you require.

The seller has made a point to provide a lot of information with beautiful illustrations to answer most of your questions regarding this security system.

Once you have supplied power to the various systems, the system is true plug and play.

  • Reasonable price.
  • No monthly fees… Great!
  • Superb image quality.
  • User manual poor… sigh!
  • Cameras freezing at times.
  • Software difficult to follow.

✅See more pictures and info here and why consumer reviews  and reports are generally positive.

Failed Wireless Security Camera Reviews!

Zmodo Wireless Security Cameras

outdoor wireless cameraAt first glance, the price for this beautiful camera set looked good and it is also a best seller since quite a few units have been sold over and over again.

This would have been the top camera on our list and was to be highly recommended at the top spot.

However, upon closer inspection, consumer reports and reviews indicated a problem with the app used to run this system.

A second issue that came up is the poor customer support.

Based on that alone, this camera system is definitely not recommended.

We won’t even link to it.

  • Good price!
  • No monthly fees… Hurrah!
  • Four camera set!
  • Poor customer support.
  • Buggy application – makes system useless.
  • Poor motion detection.

See the List of Today’s Best Wireless Security Cameras
List updated:
23rd February 2018

Wireless security cameras are an excellent choice due to the relative ease of installation and will act as an effective deterrent to protect your property and belongings.