Wireless Security Cameras - Interference Free Footage

Wireless security cameras

Wireless outdoor surveillance cameras will give you the freedom of not having to worry about a physical connection between your PC, TV or recording device.

There is no need to think about where cables should go (except for the power source) and installation requires minimal structural changes.

When there is no power source available, an alternative could be a battery powered unit that is self contained.

Another alternative is to buy a special adapter that will allow you to connect a battery to the camera unit.

The cameras are very easy to install and can be installed anywhere within the wireless range.

Digital Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

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Wireless outdoor cameras like these are excellent and can transmit live color video back to your Monitor or TV within a range of up to 450 feet (137.16 m).

It uses advanced technology that provides interference free footage.

It has advanced night vision capabilities and and the night vision range is 40 feet (12.19 m).

After the initial mounting of the cameras, the plug and play system allows you to set up the security cameras in a matter of minutes.

No contractors needed! No monthly fees to pay!

The cameras and monitor also have built-in microphones that allow for 2 way communication!

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Wireless security cameras are an excellent choice due to the relative ease of installation and will act as an effective deterrent to protect your property and belongings.