Best Xray Vision Glasses and Cameras: See Through Clothes and Objects

Best Xray Vision Glasses and Cameras: See Through Clothes and Objects
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Xray vision glasses and cameras can see through clothes and other objects.

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Best Xray Vision Glasses – In the image – An example of X-ray vision glasses. Get more information at the link below:
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Do you actually want to see some proof?

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Many people won’t believe you when you tell them about xray glasses that have the ability to see through objects and certain types of clothes.

Some people have never even heard about this type of see through devices and just shake their heads in disbelief and are quite surprised when they are shown that xray glasses such as this exist.

Maybe you don’t believe it either, but it is true.

This is definitely not a hoax and if you explore the rest of this page, you will also get to see some proof.

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xray filter✅Sony Night Shot Xray Filters

Transform your Sony night shot or Panasonic night view camcorder into an xray vision device by using special filters that are easily screwed on.

No extra modifications needed, except for the filter.

If you don’t have a Sony Nightshot camcorder, it is also available.

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✅X-Ray Cameras

They are very small and have the ability to see through clothing and objects.

The ability to see through clothes and objects like dark sun glasses or dark windows makes this infrared device ideal for identifying persons and objects.

Xray cameras work on the principle that visible light is filtered out and only the infrared and other parts of light are captured, making it possible to see through clothes and certain objects. An xray vision camera can even see trough the makeup of a woman.

They are great for law enforcement operations, banks and jewelry stores as well as detecting forged documents. They should not be used for indecent actions.

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xray glasses✅Xray Vision Glasses (Goggles)

These are transparent glasses that can see through clothes.

Works on the same principle as the camera described above, with the exception that these glasses can be worn and also records images if you have a portable recorder.

The images are shown and recorded in real time and as you can imagine, gives you great flexibility to move around.

These xray vision glasses look like a normal pair of glasses.

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Are You Allowed to Use X-Ray Vision Cams and Gadgets?

Before you buy, just make sure that the item is allowed in your country, as ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that you use it legally.

Xray vision glasses have the ability to see through clothes, but it is not what you should be buying it for.