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If you want to buy hidden cameras, there is a wide selection of hidden surveillance cameras available for different needs.

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Some of these cameras are wireless and signals will penetrate 2-3 walls so that you can easily record all the action at a safe distance.

Most camera are hidden in objects that you see every day.

These objects are placed in plain sight for everyone to see.

Nobody would suspect that an innocent looking object could be watching their every move except of course if they make use of bug detectors.

You can also buy small hidden cams that can be hidden in various places.

A small surveillance camera is perfect for use by private investigators, law enforcement and covert operations. While there are legal uses for these secret cameras, please make sure that you use it legally.

Where to buy hidden cameras online:

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You can buy hidden cameras that include the following and more:

bird cage hidden surveillance camera

Birdhouse Camera - The perfect camera for outdoor use.

It is battery powered, therefore it allows for a quick installation.

In order to save battery life, it uses heat to activate and will deactivate 5 minutes after no heat is detected.

Vanity mirror camera - This is perfect for the bedroom and includes a touch control base which turns the camera on or off and a two-sided mirror with normal and 7x magnification.

Teddy bear camera - Who would actually think that a camera is hidden inside? It has a motion activated sensor that records any movement. Perfect for use as a nanny cam.

Wall clock camera - Perfect for watching every room without arousing any suspicion at all.

Outdoor rock cameras - Interesting place to hide a camera. No one will ever guess or notice.

Digital picture frame hidden cameras - This is one of the most discreet surveillance cameras available today because the camera blends in naturally with the environment. The camera can be placed almost anywhere, since nobody will suspect an innocent picture frame to be watching them.

The SD card makes it very convenient to watch the recording on your PC at a later stage.

Headset Camera (Bluetooth) - Worn on the body and is battery powered. The benefits are that that it will still record clear images even while in motion and it can also record in low light conditions.

Cameras built in and hidden in a variety of objects such as smoke detectors, sprinklers, VCR's, boom boxes,books, fans, plants, clocks, air fresheners and more.

What are the camera ranges?

Ranges may vary according to the type of hidden cameras you buy.

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Small wireless spy cams - Keep tabs on your housekeeper, nanny or simply place it on your body and walk around with it to record everything you see. Ideal for covert surveillance.

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