Best Cell Phone Spy Software - Tracker Software: Review

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Do you want to know what your employees or children are doing on their cell phones?

Would you like to track their location or even intercept live calls? Listen in on surroundings?

Mobile spy software will allow you to do phone tapping, log GPS locations, SMS text messages, call details and more... perfect for use on business phones as well as personal phones.

Here, I review the best online spy software that are available for secretly tracking everything they are doing on their cell phones.

What can you use it for?

- Monitor your spouse.

- Monitor your employees.

- Monitor your children. With all the horror stories around these days, it is essential that you know what your children are doing on their mobile phones.

Too many children are doings things with their phones that can put them in danger, sometimes without even realizing it.

- If you install it on your own phone, you can use the software to track the location of your cell phone in the event that it gets stolen.

The same goes goes for tracking your children. You will know exactly where they are at any given moment.

What's the best cell phone spy software for 2014?

#1 Stealth Genie: Rating 9/10

  • Website usability and overall look - 9/10
  • Multi platform support - 9/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Ease of use and support - 9/10
  • Multi language support - Yes

What I really like about this software is that you can intercept live calls as well as record it.

Most other software will only allow you to log the calls, but will not intercept or even record it.

Therefore, while someone else is making a phone call, you can send a sms text message to activate the feature and then dial the number that you want to listen to. The person on the other side will not know that you are listening in on the call.

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Not just that... get this... you can even listen to the phone surroundings and record it! The perfect phone tapping spy software.

How Does Stealth Genie work?

The software is installed on your phone and you will view logs through an online account, since all logs are uploaded to an online server.

No one will now that it's there, so you can comfortably monitor everything that happens to your phone.

The software records SMS text messages, web site url's visited, call details and also provides a log summary.

Watch the video to find out more.

Available for:

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Supported platforms:

- iOS7 (iPhone), Android, Blackberry, Symbian Windows Mobile and tablets.

Supported applications:

- WhatsApp, Facebook, id, iMessage, iOS7, Tablets, Skype, Viber, Geo-Fencing (Making sure that your children don't go to places that they are not allowed to go to)

Does the Stealth Genie software actually work?

According to this story, after installation of the Stealth Genie software, the following happened: "Over the next fortnight, all activity on the phone was mirrored and accessed in real time by logging on to a website."

Installation instructions:

- To install on an Android phone, please click here.

- To install on a BlackBerry Phone, please click here.

- To install on an Iphone, please click here.

* Please note that you need to jailbreak the iPhone before you can install your software.

Is there something that I don't like about this spy software?

Yes, it's not free and you cannot remotely install the software on the mobile phone. You can however control the software remotely.

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#2 Mobile Spy: Rating 8/10

  • Website usability and overall look - 8/10
  • Multi platform support - 9/10
  • Features - 7/10
  • Ease of use and support - 8/10
  • Multi language support - No

Another favorite that I like. Unfortunately they don't support call interception and recording of call but all other activities such as call details are logged.

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Ethical use of this software?

Please ensure that you install this cell phone spy software on a phone you own and that you disclose it to the person who will be using the phone.

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