Cell Phone Spy & Eavesdropping Devices

Cell phone spy

Eavesdropping devices can be used to intercept conversations or a device like the Q-phone can be used to listen to conversations taking place in the vicinity.

The disadvantage with the Q-phone is that a person will have to be using the phone, so it's best that this phone is given as a gift to avoid suspicion.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can either use an eavesdropping device that will only do random scanning of phone numbers but does not allow you to specify a specific number, or you can choose a device that allows you to key in any specific number, but at a higher price tag.

Available cell phone spy devices:

AU 208 interceptor

This unit has the ability to store up to 20 predetermined numbers and when calls are made, it will automatically intercept conversations for all incoming or outgoing calls.

Use this eavesdropping device to intercept and identify unknown phone numbers.

Connect it to a recorder and this device will automatically record any calls made.

When following vehicles, it will still intercept conversations as it will automatically switch from cell to cell. Intercepting range = 10 miles.

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Frequently asked questions about the Au 208 interceptor and Au 206 cellular telephone scanner.

Mobile spy software (Free Trial)

mobile spy software image

Use this spy software to silently record sms text messages.

If someone is abusing your phone, you can easily find out what they are doing and typing.

The software records SMS messages, web site url's visited, call details and also provides a log summary.

The software is installed on your phone and you will view logs through an online account, since all logs are uploaded to an online server.

No one will now that it's there, so you can comfortably monitor everything that happens to your phone.

Get the software here or try out the free trial.

Are you allowed to use eavesdropping devices?

It is best to ensure that you will be allowed to use cell phone spy or eavesdropping devices legally in your country before you purchase any of these devices. Most countries have tough laws against eavesdropping; therefore you must do your own due diligence.