Best Cell Phone Voice Changer for Phone Calls

Best Cell Phone Voice Changer for Phone Calls
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Here we discuss a cell phone voice changer and other voice disguisers that are available for you to alter the way that you sound to someone else on the telephone.

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Have a look at a selection of voice changers here.

How to Change Your Voice on the Cell phone?

Use the Istranger – For use with all cell phones and smart phones (Android & Iphone).

A voice modifier is very interesting and has many applications.

Probably the biggest reason someone might use it is for fun or safety reasons.

If you are a woman being stalked and phoned all the time, you can disguise your voice to sound like a man or anything else. You can even change your voice to sound like a mosquito (With the use of voice changing software).

Disguisers are very useful for covert operations where you don’t want the other person to recognize the way you sound, especially if they know your voice already.

They will never guess who you are!

Just ensure that you hide your caller Id when you make a call on your smart phone.

If you have ever used any sort of voice changing device or software, you will know how funny or dark your voice can sound.

Different types of telephone voice changers:

Professional Cell Phone Voice Changer

This device makes use of 14-pitch voice disguising techniques.

It has volume controls and secures to most phones with its Velcro strap.

Just speak into the built-in microphone and the changer will project your changed voice.

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Istranger Portable Voice Changer for all Cell & Smart Phones

Connect this device to any cellular or smart phone and let the fun begin. With the technology available today, it is amazing how you can drastically change your voice so that no one will recognize you. Its small size also makes it very convenient while traveling.

A cell phone voice disguiser like this has a simple and straightforward setup and also has a 6 hour battery life. The battery is rechargeable and the system only turns on when the cell phone is in use, therefore preserving battery life.

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Other types:

Voice altering software (Free Trial) – Sound like an animal, diva, dwarf, male, female or any other sound that you prefer. Perfect for online usage.

A cell phone voice changer is useful for safety, covert operations or just for fun.

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