Cell Phone Interceptor & Cellular Scanners

This page discusses a cell phone interceptor and cellular scanners that are available for intercepting conversations.

First of all, laws pertaining to listening devices such as a cellular phone interceptor and a scanner are very strict in most countries (in fact they are illegal), therefore, you must make sure that you will be allowed to use them in your country.

The two cellular units on this page will only be able to intercept analog cell phones (800/900 MHz).

It will not be able to intercept or scan digital cell phones or phones that use the GSM network.

For more details, please read the FAQ Page.

If you truly want to intercept GSM smart phone calls these days, it is probably better to use this spy software that will intercept and record all live calls.

Cell phone interceptor & scanners that are available

AU 908 cellular phone interceptor

cell phone interceptorAn interceptor like the AU 908 will allow you to listen to conversations of up to 20 numbers that you would like to monitor.

This phone interceptor will automatically intercept any incoming or outgoing calls that are made from selected numbers.

With an interceptor like this, you don’t even have to specify any numbers as you can intercept any call at any time and also have the number displayed of the phone that was used.

It has an intercepting range of up to 10 miles and can also be used as a normal cell phone.

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AU 508

cellular interceptorA scanner like this has the ability to automatically record (needs an extra recorder) cell phone conversations and will allow you to scan and intercept phone conversations.

These types of scanners will not allow you to target a specific phone number since it will only do random scanning. It will intercept any 800/900 MHz cell phone conversations as well as those of cordless telephones.

If you want to listen in on conversations, you simply push a button and this will enable you to hear both sides of the conversation that is taking place.

The intercepting range is 5 miles.

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Once again, if you plan on using a cell phone interceptor, please make sure that it is legal to do so in your country.