Covert Listening Devices and Audio Surveillance Spy Equipment 2018

Here you will find some covert listening devices and audio surveillance spy equipment that are available.

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 ✅See the various types of clandestine listening bugs that are available. 

Bug detective listening gear come in all shapes and sizes, including a digital cellular recorder, cellular interceptors, cellular spy phones, telephone wire taps, listen through walls devices, voice transmitters and more.

When you need to gather evidence and information to protect your business or yourself, audio surveillance equipment will give you the edge.

Different Types of Listening Bugs and Clandestine Listening Devices

✅Parabolic Listening Device

clandestine listening device parabolic dish imageAudio surveillance spy equipment like the portable parabolic ear can amplify faint or distant sounds . If you quickly want to hear what someone else is saying at a distance, it is as easy as pointing this spy listening device in the right direction.

Electronic listening devices like these are powerful enough to hear at distances of up to 300 feet.

They will also allow you to come close to nature and listen to all those wonderful sounds.

Check out this interesting listening device.

Telephone Related Audio Spy Equipment

Covert listening devices like these allow you to discreetly listen in what is happening at your office or home while you are not there.

Phone in from anywhere in the world and pick up conversations up to 35 feet away. This device doesn’t have an activating beeper, which means that it is not easily detected.

A clandestine listening bug like this will not affect outgoing calls and are self-contained units that do not require a telephone. Order now / Learn more

✅Listen Through Walls

listen through walls imageThere aren’t a lot of spy listening devices that can listen through walls, but amazingly, clandestine listening devices like these certainly have that ability.

Just put the microphone of this spy listening device up against the wall and listen to what people are saying in the other room.

It is as simple as that and this covert listening device is so sensitive that it will even pick up a whisper.

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Other Clandestine Listening Bugs:

– Telephone wire taps, one of the smallest earphones that is wireless, voice transmitters, hidden audio surveillance equipment – Order now / Learn more

– Listen to cell phone conversations with a cell phone interceptor and use cellular spy phones to listen in on conversations – Order now / Learn more

– Record phone conversations with a digital telephone recorder.

Are You Allowed To Use Audio Spy Equipment and Covert Listening Devices?

It might be illegal to use some of these clandestine listening bugs, so it is recommended that you check with the laws in your country, as ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that you use these covert listening devices legally.

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