DVR Security Systems: High Quality, High Capacity Systems

DVR Security systems

When you invest in digital video recording security systems, you can rest assured that your recorded images and audio will always be crystal clear, even years later.

Some digital video recording security systems have recording capacities that allow up to 7 months of continuous recording, depending on the system you choose.

Some of these systems require a PC, others not, but if a PC is not your thing, you can still view images remotely over the internet through a normal browser.

DVR surveillance systems will add the extra security measures you require.

If you need to monitor a lot of areas, you can have the ability to view up to 16 areas at a glance.

If you choose a wireless option, then you don't have to deal with all the hassles associated with installing cables.

What types of DVR security systems are available?

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  • 4, 8 & 16 channel systems - PC based. Includes everything needed to set up a comprehensive surveillance system.
  • Wireless Mini DVR systems - Portable systems that are perfect for covert operations, since it can be worn in a fanny or backpack.
  • Standalone DVR's - Units that does not include cameras, but very handy when you want to record from multiple cameras.
  • Hidden camera DVR's - Complete units for use in covert operations. Hidden in clocks, boxes, detectors, air purifiers, calculators, boom boxes, etc.

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