Netvizor Network Status Monitoring Software

Network status monitoring software

Netvizor is one of the most powerful network monitoring software packages available today. Free Trial Download.

If you need to remote control your computers and monitor employees on your computer network, then this software package is ideal for that.

Use this monitoring software to track every move they make on each computer and instantly discover what your users do in real time.

View everything they do secretly, all from one central location. It can be quite revealing and it also has its security advantages.

Network status monitoring software: Netvizor

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- Software installs secretly without the user knowing about it.

- Record their web site visits.

- Record their emails.

- See what applications they have opened.

- Record everything they do like a slide show.

- The software allows real time remote control and monitoring.

- Disables spy ware detectors so that you can continue monitoring without your users being aware of it.

- Comprehensive Reporting and Activity Breakdown - This software can present an accurate network-wide depiction of activity on your network in seconds by creating network-wide reports detailing what computers are the most active, activity trend analysis reports, top 10 usage reports, detailed activity log breakdowns, and more.

- Control what websites users can visit, and what programs they can run while using your computer.

The above are just some of the key features and basically

It allows you to record and see everything they do like a slide show and gives you full control over your computer network.

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Are you allowed to use network monitoring software?

It is illegal to install computer monitoring software on a computer you don't own, but it is perfectly legal to install Netvizor on your own computer.