Personal Protection Alarms For Your Personal Safety

Personal protection alarms

Personal safety alarms come in various shapes and there are different types available.

These alarms are portable and perfect for protection at home or while traveling.

Some use a pin to activate the alarm, while others can also be used as a burglar alarm by hanging it on a door or window.

Personal safety should never be taken lightly and personal alarms are a good choice to ensure your safety.

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Different Personal Protection Alarm types:

Streetwise Panic Alarm:

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This alarm is very simple to operate.

You just squeeze the button and the alarm will go off.

Perfect for taking with you while walking alone.

You can attach it to your keys or clip it to your clothes.

Includes a LED light for safety at night.

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Key-ring safety alarm: Push a button and a 120 dB whistle alarm will go off.

That's pretty loud and it is comparable to a rock concert or a jet engine.

Use it during sporting events, as a method to scare off attackers, during emergencies such as a collapsed building and other applications.

Dual purpose alarm: These personal safety alarms can be used as a burglar alarm or as a personal system when traveling. Just pull out the metal chain and an alarm will sound.

Personal alarms will add an extra layer of security and now you can hit back at those who want to harm you.