Video Camera Glasses: Spy Eyewear

Video Camera Glasses

Spy eyewear is ideal for covert operations when you want to record video without any one else being aware of it.

They look like a normal pair of sun glasses and no one will suspect that there is a mini camera hidden inside the frame of the glasses.

Recording is easy as you can send video to a body worn recorder or transmit them over a distance to a receiver... so that you can record the evidence you need.

Some don't even need a recorder since they have MicroSD cards.

Some of the main uses for video camera glasses:

Their main use is during investigative operations and spy sun glasses can be used for corporate intelligence operations, by investigative journalists, private investigators as well as law enforcement operations.

It can also be used for private recording purposes to make it easier for you to record those special moments without having to use your smartphone or some other device such as a camcorder.

Spy Eywear: Different types


video camera glasses image

What I really like about this pair of glasses is the cool look, but more importantly, the fact that you don't need a separate recorder to record the images.

These video glasses use MicroSD cards with the ability to store up to 32Gb of data. You can then transfer the data to your PC using a USB cable.

Another thing that I like about this spy eyewear is that it also does not look like a camera, therefore the less chance of being identified.

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Other Types of Video Camera Glasses:

Other types vary in shapes and sizes and have different memory capacities. Some are high definition glasses, some can see behind you, while others need a separate DVR recorder to capture the video images.

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If you need to gather evidence and need to move around freely, then spy equipment like video glasses are one of the ultimate ways to do the job... in total secrecy.