Stun Guns - Very Effective Self Defense Products

Stun guns

There are a lot of self defense products available today that can help you in dangerous situations and ensure your safety.

Products like these will incapacitate an attacker while other products like pepper sprays will temporarily disable an attacker.

The problem with sprays is that you have to aim at the head and it could backfire if you miss... that's why a stun weapon is much more effective.

Once it makes contact with the assailant... and it doesn't matter where, he will definitely be incapacitated.

Different types of self defense products:

Stun Guns: Hottie 2 Million

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Just the sight and sound of electricity jumping between the test prongs could be enough to scare away an attacker.

With an incredibly powerful device such as this at your disposal, an assailant has very little chance of overpowering you as you will immediately incapacitate a person for about 5-10 minutes.

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Other types:

- Flashlight

- Cell phone

- Other

Why choose them?

Very effective - Self defence products such as chemical sprays, for instance, are only effective when there is a direct hit to the face.

Safety - If there is an accident, the risk of lethal injuries are considerably reduced.

Are you allowed to use them?

Products like these are restricted and illegal in certain states or countries.

Using stun guns is an excellent way of ensuring your safety and protecting you from harm.