5 Top Spy Gadgets - Top Real Life Gadgets!

Here are the top spy gadgets as presented by the info graphic.

These are real life gadgets that are used for various purposes or covert operations.

top spy gadgets image

The nice thing about these gadgets are that they can be worn on the body allowing you free movement.

They are small, lightweight and easy to operate.

Most of them have an internal digital memory function and it is therefore not required that you purchase a separate recorder such as a DVR.

You simply transfer the files to your computer and store and view the data there.

Spy Watch

Covertly record hidden video with this watch that is also water resistant.

Night vision capabilities also included.

The 4 GB internal memory will allow you to record up to 120 minutes of footage.

Video Glasses

Use it for covert recording activities as well as for hands free recording during leisure times or if you want to record family activities.

Pen Camera

The 2 GB internal memory will allow up to 2 hours of video recording.

Car Key Camera

The 2-64 GB Micro SD card memory will allow you plenty of time to record anything you want, even at night. No one will know that there is a camera hidden inside this modern key chain.

Button Camera

The only camera that does not have an internal recording system. Requires an extra DVR.

There you have it... the 5 top spy gadgets that can be used for various purposes.