Best Voice Changing Software for Your PC, Skype Yahoo Messenger and More... Honest and Quantum Jumping Review

Professional voice changing software like the AV Voice Diamond can make you sound like a male, female, child or any other voice you prefer such as Morgan Freeman.

If you need to hide your online identity when using voice chat rooms or any other voice service such as Skype, Yahoo messenger, etc, then voice changer software programs are ideal for doing just that.

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What's good about this software?

  • Use this voice altering software to change your voice in real time and use it for fun, business, during online voice games or for safety purposes. There are 3 versions of this software: Basic, Gold & the Diamond Edition.

    The difference between the three is the pricing and each version has more features than the other, with the AV Voice Diamond being the top product.

  • Given the raving online reviews it has received, it's no wonder that this software has been downloaded millions of times.

  • Once you get used to the interface, the software is very easy to use and you can play around with different settings. You can create your own voices or use alternative voices which they call "nick voices".

  • You can simulate any voice, including that of your wife, husband, family, friends and even Morgan Freeman. Now that sounds like a lot of fun.

    They have an online tutorial that will show you exactly how change your settings to sound like him or you can download a ready-made file.

  • As a professional application, it can be used to create audio books and is also widely used by a variety of people from all walks of life.

What's bad about this software?

  • The software does not support Mac Os's, Windows 2000 or other operating systems. Supports Win Xp, Vista, 7 & 8.

  • The software does not support android operating systems or the Iphone at this stage, but they are working on it.

    If you want to change your voice during a call, you can use the Spoof card cell phone voice changer as an alternative method. It supports the Android operating system and can also be used with iPhones.

    This voice changing software also has other features such as disguising your caller ID and number and may come in handy when you want to do a prank call.

AV Voice Changer Diamond edition

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Normal Price: $99.95 (Instant download)

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Offers everything that the gold edition and basic editions have, but it also has all sorts of other snazzy voice features. The amazing range of ready-to-use voice effects and nick voices really makes this an exciting piece of real time voice changer software.

It also supports mixed voice effects.

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Please note: Free trials only offer limited functions in order for you to see what's possible and whether you would enjoy it. If you want full functionality and features as described on this page, you must purchase the software.

Used for: Voice overs, parodies, chatting, games, VoIP and other applications.

Some examples of what you can sound like with this voice altering software:

- Sound like Morgan Freeman
- Use it to create a deep voice
- Sound like a male, female, child, robot, etc.
- Animals (Monkey, parrot, dog, mosquito etc.)
- Variety (Diva, dwarf, giant etc.)
- Music (Jazz, pop, punk etc.)
- Use it for Skype, Yahoo messenger, etc.

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AV Downloadable voice altering software (Basic version)

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Price: $29.95 (Instant download)

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The AV voice altering software (with built in recorder) can be used with the following:

- Voice chat rooms and instant messengers.
- Voice and video conferencing
- Voice games
- DVD and CD players (Change the voice of a sound file)
- Karaoke players and more.
- Built in voice effects (limited range) such as a drunk DJ, ghosts etc.

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AV Voice Changer Gold edition

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Price:$39.95 (Instant download)

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Offers the same functionality as the basic voice altering software, but also allows morphing of sound files and has a built in player. This software program also has more voices and skins.

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Audio4fun press release

Just imagine... you can use this voice changing software to amuse your friends and have tremendous fun with it. I have used it myself and I must admit, it was quite funny to hear my voice change in different ways.

The children also enjoyed it and wanted me to install it on their computer immediately.

Tip: When I installed the software, I was in such a hurry to test the software, that I did not see the message that I must restart the computer to complete the installation.

I started the application and the software did not work at all due to an immense background noise. After restarting my PC, the software performed as expected.

Go ahead and enjoy this voice changing software!