Voice Transmitter | UHF Voice Activated Room Transmitter

UHF Voice activated room transmitter

A UHF voice transmitter is ideal when you want to listen to conversations in another room without the need of a physical presence.

Transmitters are available that use FM or UHF signals.

Transmitting distances range from 300 meters to 5/8 mile, which should give you a comfortable range.

Some of these remote room transmitters also allow you to listen to phone conversations.

Different types of transmitters:

FM transmitter

voice transmitter image

These remote room transmitters are very small and can easily be hidden in a variety of places.

Just tune into your FM radio and listen to conversations taking place in another room.

Use the recorder of your radio or any other recording device that plugs into your radio and easily record the conversations.

It uses a battery and sends out a wireless signal that can transmit up to 1/2 miles.

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UHF transmitters

UHF transmitters require that you also purchase a receiver, but the big benefit here is that some of these transmitters are hidden in common everyday objects such as a wall outlet, pens, calculators, telephone outlets, etc... so there is no need to go through extra lengths to hide the object.

The receiver of this voice transmitter is used with earplugs or wireless earplugs and supplied connectors allow you to connect it to a recording device.

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Are you allowed to use UHF transmitters?

Most countries have laws against illegal eavesdropping and therefore you are advised to check with the laws in your own country before you purchase or use a voice transmitter.